Dresses – Fun Feelings


When it comes to sexy dresses Fun Feelings as all you will ever need. So whether you are looking for a simple little black dress to wear on a night out, a slutty dress to fire up some passion or something a bit more bondage or dominatrix we have you covered.

Our dresses feature styles taken for the lighter side of fetish and BDSM so you can be assured all our hot dresses will make you or your partner feel ultra-sexy. No matter what style you go for or how much flesh you want to display we have a dress that fits you perfectly. Because most of our fetish inspired dresses are made from a wet look material they are super easy and comfortable to wear.

While you’re here why not take a look at our range of very sexy Stockings and Gloves. The perfect way to complete your look.


Finally, why not have a look out our Bondage Play section for some ideas to go with your dress.