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When it comes to sexy dresses Fun Feelings as all you will ever need. Whether you are getting dressed up to go for a night out or for a passionate night in we have something for every occasion. From a simple little black dress to wear on a night out to something far more revealing for your intimate moments or adult party. You can decide just how daring you want to be straight-laced, fetish or even light bondage.

Whatever you go for you can be assured all our hot dresses are designed to make you or your partner feel ultra-sexy.

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The Fun Feelings Guide to Sexy Dresses

If you’re a fan of sexy dresses, you’ll be pleased to hear that you are at the right place. Our dresses are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes and will make an excellent addition to your wardrobe. We have dresses for all occasions. A sexy dress for a night out with your partner or friend to a more slutty outfit for a full-on night of passion in the bedroom.

Show off your best bits

Try to select a style of dress that shows off your best bits. For example, if you have a fantastic collarbone or elegant neck, choose a strapless dress. If you have knockout legs, opt for a mini dress that stops just below the bum or if your feeling really up for it a micro mini dress will definitely get some attention.  If you think your bust is your best feature, choose a low cut one or a totally cupless one with no cups at all. You can also choose a dress that covers parts you would like to hide. A lace dress or one with lace or mesh sleeves is ideal if your arms are a bit flabby. A sexy wet look bodycon dress is perfect for hiding a bit of tummy.

Try something new

We are all guilty of sticking with what we know. That is equally true when it comes to picking a sexy dress. We tend to stick well inside our comfort zone. You don’t have to do that with Fun Feelings. None of our sexy dresses are expensive so if you only wear them a few times what does it matter. A lace dress doesn’t have to be just a lace dress or stay a lace dress if you understand what we mean.

If your looking for some sexy clubwear or a slutty outfit for some intimate moments be brave and try something different. If you normally wear dresses just below the knee go for a mini dress that finishes high up on the thigh or even a micro mini dress finishing just below, or on, the bum. Worried about your legs, cover them with hold up stockings. Try a totally backless dress or even a latex dress. Maybe if things are going to get messy a vinyl dress made of PVC could be what you should be looking for.

We have so many styles to choose from there is absolutely no reason to stick with your old favourites. The more different style of sexy dresses you try the more fun you will have. We can guarantee the braver you are the better you will feel.

Watch what you wear

Most of our sexy dresses hug the skin, there is a good chance so will show exactly what you are wearing underneath. So it is important to choose carefully to ensure the dress gets all the attention and not your knickers. Of course, if you can’t find anything suitable to wear underneath you could just wear nothing at all. This is particularly true if you pick a latex dress, a vinyl dress, or one of our micro dresses.

Don’t forget the heels

All our sexy dresses have a naturally glamorous look. So if you’re going to wear one, make sure you have high heels to match. They will help to elongate your legs and make your silhouette even more elegant. Heels will also help you to feel more confident and stand that little bit taller. And of course not forget your legs and those all-important stockings.

Keep your look simple

The whole point of a sexy dress is that it shows off your figure and makes your curves the star of the show. Adding too much jewellery or other accessories can complicate your look and take attention away from your silhouette. Keeping your outfit as simple as possible will keep all eyes on you and ensure you feel truly fantastic. We would go as far as saying that if you are wearing a sexy dress that shows off plenty of your gorgeous body too much jewellery and accessories will ruin it. Just like the dress itself, less is definitely more, much more.