Latex Clothing

When you think of sexy clothing the image most of us will instantly spring to is a woman or man in very tight latex.
No self-respecting dominatrix or their submissive would be seen dead without it. So if you are looking to add that extra bit of fun to your life you need to get yourself some latex clothing.

Nothing else comes close to the feeling of wearing latex and everybody who likes to play should have at least one piece in their wardrobe. However, before you rush off to buy some of our exciting latex clothing there are a few things you need to learn first. Sadly latex does take a bit of looking after. Not a lot but you need to know the basic to keep your latex clothing looking good and lasting well.

Polishing your latex.

Latex clothing has a natural gloss but to get the classic high gloss look it needs to be enhanced by light polishing using a silicone-based polish. The first thing you should do when you get your new latex garment is polish it. We would recommend either Latex Super Shine if you just want to polish your latex or Cult Latex Conditioner and Shine if you want to condition as you polish. A quick word of warning, please be careful when polishing latex. It can be permanently scratched if you polish it with a dry cloth so take extra care that your polishing cloth does not dry out when polishing.

How to put on Latex clothing.

Latex is almost always put on directly over the skin with nothing worn underneath. This can make for the problem of it sticking to the skin. You will find it far easier to put on tight latex clothing if before you start the inside is lightly dusted with talc. We would also recommend wearing some light cotton gloves when putting it on. This will avoid possible marking and fingernail damage when you try to manoeuvre it into position.

Finally when you have got it on just take a few moments to make sure you are looking you best. Often you will need to spend abit of time moving parts of your body into the coreect position. You don’t want your boobs squeezed under your armpits, do you? Or worse if you are a man. If you didn’t polish your latex before you put it on now would be an ideal opportunity for your partner to polish it for you. That could be a fun game all in itself.

While wearing.

Things can get a little wild in the world of latex so please be careful sharp objects. Even sharp fingernails and rings, can scratch your latex and damage it permanently. Also oils, greases and solvents can damage latex clothing so do not use any oil-based lubricants or creams during your play. Stick to good old fashioned water based lubes and creams to be safe.

After Care of your Latex clothing

Don’t forget about your latex when the play is over. Latex clothing can discolour, and eventually perish if left exposed to heat, sunlight or left dirty. As soon as possible after wearing it should be washed in warm clean water with any soap or detergents added. Carefully remove all excess water from it with a soft towel and leave to dry flat away from direct sunlight. DO NOT in any circumstances tumble dry it. When it is totally dry apply a  dusting of talc. Finally, put it away in a black plastic bag in a dry cupboard or drawer. Do not store in damp conditions and do not leave it on or near heaters.

Latex clothing will last you for years if you look after it correctly. But please don’t be put off by all the points we have raised above. After you have worn latex once you will be kicking yourself for all the years you haven’t.

Have fun!