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Wet Look Dress with Chains

Andrea Matthews
My new boyfriend is secretly into bondage, he thinks that I don't know this, and seems worried about asking me. To be honest, it all seems a bit scary but also exciting. So I thought i would browse through some gear. But it all looked a bit too much too soon, so I thought I would start out small and find something that kinda relates to it so to speak. I came across this site whilst browsing sexy outfits and fell in love with this dress. Its so sexy and his face was priceless when he came home from work!...

Wet Look Fetish Tie Up Dress

Julie Harper
This dress is just perfect for partying and clubbing. It fits beautifully and is very comfortable too. It had the perfect length and makes me feel really good about my body. I was not sure about buying this dress because of how much it shows at the back but now i couldnt be more happy, its just perfect and is my favorite club dress to date. Great quality for the price. Will definitely recommend to my friends too....

Wet Look Mini Dress with Zipper

vicky joy
I purchased this dress for a special date with my boyfriend. Its a very sexy dress and is great choice for night outs. The material is very sexy and is perfect fitting. He loved it and much as I do....

PVC Red Teddy

Emily Grant
This amazing teddy was a gift from my husband for our honeymoon and my husband is crazy about it.
Its perfect fitting, sexy and comfy at the same time. I just love it!!...

Wet Look Corset Dress with Golden Zipper

Elli Aloy
I purchased this for a holiday with my boyfriend and it was awesome. Perfect fit and enhances the curves. I love it and my boyfriend loves it too....

Side Keyholes Dress

Jan Cooper
I always wanted to buy a sexy dress. I din't know that the dress would fit me so perfectly when i ordered it. Its Figure-hugging, very sexy and makes you stand out. Not for the shy or faint hearted!!...


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