How to secretly figure out her size

Even if you know your other half would love a beautiful piece of lingerie for an upcoming special occasion, selecting the perfect gift isn’t always easy. Choosing the right style, cut and fabric can be a challenge, especially if your partner has very particular tastes. To make it even harder if you are in a new relationship you will also need to know how to secretly figure out her size. Lingerie leaves little room for error so getting your gift just right is essential. To ensure you don’t go too big or too small, we’ve put together some tips for successfully figuring out your partner’s proportions.

Find Her Favourite Clothes

A good way to start your clandestine calculations is to borrow the panties and bra she wears the most and take your measurements from these. The underwear your partner wears most regularly are likely to be the pieces she finds the most comfortable. Therefore, they’re the items that are likely to fit her best.

As different manufacturers use slightly different sizing conventions, it’s best to actually measure the items rather than simply look at the sizes. Measure the width of the waist, the width of the main bra strap and the cup size. This should give you a good idea of her proportions.

If you don’t have access to your partner’s wardrobe, you may need to get a little creative. If she stays at your place when you meet up, try to secretly measure her clothes after she falls asleep. For hip measurements, you could use a pair of tight jeans or trousers. For bust measurement, you could use a fitted top or, if possible, her bra.

Size Charts

Once you have your partner’s measurements, finding the right pieces should be pretty easy. Most good quality online retailers offer size charts. These tell you exactly how big their panties, teddies and lingerie sets are. Simply compare the measurements you took from your partner’s clothes with the size chart to find the items that will fit them like a glove.

If your partner falls between two sizes, it’s often best to go for the slightly bigger option. This will ensure the lingerie doesn’t pinch or cut into your partner’s skin. They need to feel comfortable and sexy when they’re wearing it.

Finding The Right Piece

Now you know which size to go for, you need to decide which pieces of lingerie you’re going to gift your partner. If you know what she likes, this should be easy. On the other hand, if you’re not sure, take a look through the stunning pieces in our collection for inspiration.

When in doubt, choose the piece you like the most. All women enjoy feeling attractive, so if you find the piece you select sexy, there’s a good chance your partner will like it too.

Start shopping for your secret surprise, and get a little lingerie inspiration, by exploring our collection today. And remember everything in this how to secretly figure out her size guide applies equally to dresses and catsuits.