How To Rock Wet Look Lingerie

We all need to learn how to rock wet look lingerie because when it’s worn well, it can look truly sensational. Sexy, stylish and seductive, wet look lingerie can help you to vamp up your wardrobe and feel fantastic.

If you’re thinking about trying wet look lingerie for the first time, or if you’re just building your confidence with the look, understanding how to work with this tactile material will help you get the most out of it. Here are our top tips to get you started.

Start Small

If you haven’t worn wet look lingerie before, you might want to start small. Going from nothing to full head-to-toe PVC is a big step, so why not work up to it? Instead of going straight in for a wet look catsuit or mini dress, start with some briefs or panties. You can make these a little more exciting by opting for products with mesh detailing or cheeky openings.

Wet look teddies and bras can also be a good place to start. Once you’ve built up your confidence and got used to the wet look, you can add some more items to your wardrobe and start playing around with your style.

Another option is to start with wet look pieces that have a slightly matte finish. A less glossy look may well be easier to work into your wardrobe at first, so look for materials that give you a less shiny finish.

Work With Your Body Shape

Wet look lingerie is designed to be skintight. So make sure you choose items that flatter and enhance your body shape. The more flattering the outfit is, the more confident you’ll feel when wearing it. Try to find wet look lingerie pieces that are the right fit for your body. These items are often designed to be skintight, so avoid anything that’s baggy or saggy. On the other hand, going too tight can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re going to be wearing the outfit for a number of hours.

When choosing your first piece of wet look lingerie, decide which bits of your body you’re most confident about. You can then look for pieces that emphasise these areas and enhance your best features. This is another great way to boost your confidence when wearing skintight wet look lingerie.

Be Confident

Finding the right piece of wet look lingerie can make you feel fantastic. Whether you’re heading out to a party or staying in with a partner, the better you feel on the inside, the more attractive you’ll look on the outside. There are fewer things sexier than confidence, wearing your wet look panties, teddies, catsuits and bras boldly will help you make the most of your look.


So now you know how to rock wet look lingerie start shopping for your wet look lingerie. Explore our site and learn about the fantastic products we offer today.